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Name: Saint Raccoon
Birthday: Feb 1st
Height: 5 feets 11 inches
Weight: 160
Eye Color: ass brown
Hair Color: dark blond
Race: caucassian
Zodiac Sign: aquarius

Drink?: social
Smoke?: sometimes
Use Drugs?: no way :P
Cuss?: yeah in French XD
Play Any Instruments?: Piano
Have Any Piercings?: No but planning on some
Have Any Tattoos?: same than above :)
Like To Annoy People?: depends? :P
Like Life?: Well yeah otherwise I wouldn't be there eh? XD
Wear Make-Up?: I'm a straight guy. so hmm yeah I don't. lmao ;)
Dye Your Hair?: I used to bleach them when it was trendy :P
Scream At The top of your lungs for no reason?: I did a few times Kinda cool on top of a mountain!
Get Distracted By Shiny Objects?: Like anyone else should! Aren't I a raccoon anyway? :P
Like Pina-Coladas?: too sweet.
And Getting Caught In The Rain?: Depends what kind of rain light summer rain is nice :)

Dependable?: Somewhat, yes :)
Trustworthy?: definetly!
Obsessive?: not really and it relative to what is the object of obsession, no? :P
Hyper Active?: I used to be as a kid.
Happy?: yes :)
Content?: Sure thing! :D
Boring?: Well sometimes like anyone else once in a while? o.o
Violent?: Nope XD but I can stand my ground. ;)
Evil?: Nah, Next question!....
Hippie-Ish?: Hmm not really, green-friendly? then yes.
Shy? Sometimes when its a lady I find pretty and/or interesting. ^^;
Paranoid?: Nah that would go with obsessive, no? :P
Annoying?: again? not really unless drunk AND hyper XD
Social?: Better and better! :)
Religious?: nope, no gods, no religion here.

TV Show?: BigBang Theory
Movie?: hmm hard one... Avatar for the Visuals. Shanhawk Redemption for story, Life is Beautiful for Story too.
Band/Singer(s)?: Not specifically. I like alternative Rock like Led Zep and some Theory of a Dead Man
Song?: none , really. I'm not huge on music. I know I'M so profane boring. XD
Book/Story?: Wow... hmm ... WW2 history book was great but then.. too choose.,
Color(s)?: silver gray, black and white (together)
Shape?: ovoid?
Animal(s)?: Raccoons
Person(s)?: Wow... Richard Dawkins, Mandela, My mother, Sophie.
Smell?: Old wooden furniture, vintage stuff.
Flower?: Lilacs
Subject?: History and Psychology
Board: eh?
Musical: hmmm... Sweenie Todd was cool :)
Sport?: European Football, martial Art.
Word?: honesty
Quote?: " Take life with a smile 'cause we're not getting out of it, ALIVE!"
Hobby?: Digital Art, painting, reading, piano, travelling! :)
Store?: HMV
Season?: Fall
Time Of Day?: Dusk :)

Worst Fear?: Not to succeed in life.
Life Goal?: To achieve my dreams one step at a time and feel proud of myself.
Greatest Accomplishment?: Travelled, Lived, worked in Hong Kong, China for 5 years! :D

Pepsi Or Coke?: Pepsi! I like pepsi too much maybe. :P
McDonald's Or Burger King?: Bk's whoppers nom :O
Converse Or Vans?: Vans, more space ! :)
Dogs Or Cats?: hmm hard one. Now I'd say cat. used to be dogs.
AIM, YIM Or MSN Messenger?: Skype
Chicken Or Fish?: chicken :)
Black Or White?: White ?
MTV Or FUSE?: none, TV, for the most part, suck donkey's poop. xD
MP3 player, iPod or CD player?: Got an Ipod Touch this Xmas so yeah :)
Pants Or Shorts?: Pants, classy B)

Day: With friends, happy financially secure, confident with my life. someone that loves me and understands me sharing every moments and still stay who she is. :)
Room: A mad Home theater set and bomb of a computer, wine cellar, grand queen bed, Vintage furnitures. old 40's 30's posters, some paintings.
Life: Pretty much like perfect day. Wealthy enough to relax and share to those I love and lot and lot of travelling :) :)
World: No religion, no bigoted, resources shared, renewable energy sources, new kind of economy no based on crushing the poors.
Romantic Date: wow... Confident, geeky, passionate, open-minded, talented, sensitive, a great listener, petite, creative, alternative, always honesty, younger than me probably, nerdish. intelligent, funny, drama-free-common-sense.

God?: no
Heavan & Hell?: an after-life, yes, just no hierarchy mumbo-jumbo,
Angels & Demons?: nope
Reincarnation?: maybe?
Yourself?: YES! :D
Ghosts?: yes
UFOs?: intelligent life outside form earth? yes.
Big Foot?: urban legend.
Lockness Monster?: nah
A Thing Called Love?: yes but it sure hard at times. :)
Evolution?: its a FACT!

Kill Someone Else?: never unless self-defence.
Kill Yourself?: Wow not unless it to save a greater number of peoples as in a disaster, accident, well sacrifice.
Beg For Money?: nope but then never really happened, never know!
Skydive?: sure
Bunjee Jump?: nope
Make out in the rain?: hell yes! :D
Run Away From Home?: Why would I I live alone.
Ride A Motorcycle?: hell yes!
Do Extreme Sports?: you bet!

Do You Own A Car?: nope
Ever Been To Jail?: hah no!
Ever Gotten Kicked out?: from? I once left a bar because the owner was a real jerk Frenchman tight ass.
Do You Like Taking Surveys Like This?: Kinda, actually. :)

Are You Lonely?: As in living alone? yes. Feeling lonely? well sometimes as I'm single but nothing dramatic . lol :)
Are You Sitting on a Big Bouncing Inflatable Green Ball?: Nope :P
Eatin' Cheetos?: Hate those...
Do You Feel The Urge To Send Me A Thousand Dollars?: Why the heck would I? You been spying on my bank account? o.o
Really?: I need the Monies! D:
Do You Know Where That Comes From?: What come from where?
How Many Licks Does It Take To Get To The Centre Of A Tootsie Pop?: Not big on too sweet stuffs like candies.
Is That Your Final Answer?: Aye
Are You Sure?: Wanna bet? ;)
Postitive?: Always trying to be.
Glad That This Is Over?: Indifference. hmm yep! lol ;)


Saint Raccoon
Artist | Professional | Digital Art

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